ad been a week in the house he had come to the conclusion that Chrissy was one of the most attractive women he had ever met, and one of the strangest. That she was clever and good he soon discovered f


rom remarks she made from time to time; but that she had something that he did not possess was e

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vident, and it puzzled him. So curious was he to fathom the mystery that he took every opportuni

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ty of associating with her in the hope of drawing from her the secret of her joyous, triumphant

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life. They read together, sang together, walked together, and it seemed to them both that every

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word interchanged, every blending sound of their voices, every step they took, was welding toge

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ther a bond which had existed since first they met at the Colonel's hospitable table. To George



that she had a way of making him feel perfectly at ease in her society. When he was talking to her, or even sitting silently by her, he felt a sense of restfulness and reliance that he had never befo

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ment. For several minutes neither spoke, when Chrissy said, slowly and thoughtfully: "How oblivious the mineral kingdom is to the life of the world above it, and the vegetable kingdom to that of the

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